COVID-19 Vaccine


COVID-19 & Influenza (Flu) Vaccine Finder

The Manitoba COVID-19 & Influenza Vaccine Finder is an online service where the public can search for locations that offer either the COVID-19 vaccine or influenza vaccine in their area.

Providers are actively working to update vaccine availability on the Manitoba Vaccine Finder.

For COVID-19 Vaccine, please check the Current COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Criteria.

For more information on the Manitoba Influenza Vaccine Program, including eligibility criteria, please visit

NOTE: where there are multiple providers at the same address, they will all show up on the same dot on the map. Once the dot has been clicked on, use the arrow buttons to toggle between the different providers at that address.

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For Immunization Providers:

Please remember to keep how your location appears on the map current by visiting

Data from this source will be used to update the map daily from Monday to Friday.

If you notice an error in the information presented on the map, please email* and remember to include your client ID in any communications.

*This email address is for communications from immunization providers only. Emails from members of the public will not be returned. Please direct any of your questions or concerns to Ask Health by filling out the following form: