Scott Fielding

Scott Fielding


Scott Fielding was elected as the MLA for Kirkfield Park in 2016 and 2019. Fielding graduated from the University of Manitoba with an advanced bachelor of arts in economics and political studies, and has served as a Winnipeg city councillor, where he was chair of the Finance Committee and chair of the Winnipeg Police Board. A business owner, he has served on the boards of organizations including the Winnipeg Convention Centre, the Assiniboine Park Conservancy and the St. James Village Business Improvement Zone. He and his wife Michelle have three children.

Minister's Message


As Manitoba's Minister of Finance, I am proud to lead a team of professionals who continue to work together to ensure our province achieves the stable financial status and positive outlook that will benefit all Manitobans, present and future.

Through public consultations and other extensive research, our government is making good progress in reducing provincial debt, while also charting a course for further financial recovery, improved services and economic prosperity.

Along with responsibility for the provincial civil service, the department has already introduced several value-for-money initiatives that will help us make the most of our province's investments, particularly in such key areas as infrastructure and public service transformation.  We are also working to reduce red tape to help entrepreneurs more easily launch, develop and grow their business concepts, right here at home.

As you navigate these pages, you will find plenty of information and referrals that will not only help you, but also give you better insight into the province's financial plans going forward. Thank you for your interest in Manitoba Finance.

Honourable Scott Fielding
Minister of Finance