Ron Schuler

Ron Schuler


Ron Schuler was elected as the MLA for St. Paul in 1999 and re-elected in 2003, 2007, 2011, 2016 and re-elected in the new constituency of Springfield-Ritchot in 2019. Schuler is a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a degree in international relations and has served as a trustee with the River East School Division. An entrepreneur, former small-business owner and community volunteer, he has devoted his time to organizations like Big Brothers, Citizens on Patrol, Max Reinhardt Theatre Canada and the Manitoba Inter-cultural Council. He has three children and lives in St. Paul.

Minister's Message

Welcome to the Manitoba Infrastructure website, your guide to the programs, services and initiatives that connect people, places and industries.

Our government recognizes the value of reliable infrastructure and the critical role it plays not only in business and trade, but also to the quality of life we enjoy here in Manitoba.

Manitoba Infrastructure recognizes its role as the department of hope and the department of the day after tomorrow. Strategic infrastructure investment is fundamental to economic growth in Manitoba. As we push to restart the economy, investment in our provincial highway, bridge, and water control networks will be more important than ever.

Over the next 10 years, Manitoba will be recognized as an international transportation hub, linking east to west, north to south and enabling strong economic activity within and across our borders. We will:

  • enhance transportation mobility and connectivity
  • ensure safety and reliability across the highway network
  • enable industry expansion that leverages Manitoba's diverse economy
  • build climate resiliency

As you explore this website, you will find more information regarding our infrastructure-related activities and plans for the future. Thank you for your interest in this vital area of transportation and economic development.

Honourable Ron R. Schuler
Minister of Infrastructure