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Where can I find a free rapid antigen test?

Manitobans are encouraged to pick up and keep some rapid antigen tests on hand, before they develop symptoms. Rapid antigen test kits are currently available free of charge at many locations across the province.



Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority
Retailer Address Town / City
Beausejour Co-op 605 Park Ave. Beausejour 
Co-op Food Store 20 Co-op Dr. Oakbank
Interlake Co-op  253 Main St. Arborg 
Interlake Co-op  24 Railway Ave. Eriksdale 
Loblaws 366 Main St., Unit A  Selkirk
Moosehorn Co-op  53 Main St. Ashern 
Moosehorn Co-op  1 Main St. Moosehorn 
Northern Store   Berens River
Northern Store   Little Grand Rapids
Solo Market   Pauingassi
Northern Store Solo Market Pinawa
Northern Store   Poplar River
Red River Co-op  55 Centre St. Gimli 
Red River Co-op  335 Main St. Selkirk 
Red River Co-op  420 Main St. Stonewall 
Rexall 366 Main St., Unit A  Selkirk
Rexall 1-330-3rd Ave. Stonewall
Rexall 651 Park Ave. Beausejour
Safeway  318 Manitoba Ave. Selkirk
Shoppers Drug Mart Main St. Selkirk
Sobeys 3156 Birds Hill Rd. Birds Hill
Sobeys 94 - 7th Ave. Gimli
Walmart Supercentre 1016 Manitoba Ave. Selkirk
Northern Regional Health Authority
Retailer Address City
Gillam Co-op 335 Mattonnabee Ave. Gillam 
Loblaws 12 Highway 10 N. The Pas
Northern Store 138 Lakeshore Dr. Brochet
NorthMart   Cross Lake
Northern Store   God's Lake Narrows
Northern Store   God's River
Northern Store   Garden Hill
Northern Store   Lac Brochet
Northern Store   Lynn Lake
Northern Store   Moose Lake
Northern Store   Norway House
Northern Store   Oxford House
Northern Store   Pukatawagan
Northern Store   Red Sucker Lake
Northern Store   Rossville
Quickstop   Rossville 
Northern Store   St. Theresa Point
Northern Store   Shamattawa
Northern Store   South Indian Lake
Northern Store   Tadoule Lake
Northern Store   Split Lake
Northern Store   Wasagamack
Northern Store   York Landing
Northern Store 125 2nd St. W The Pas
Shoppers Drug Mart Selkirk Ave. Thompson
Shoppers Drug Mart Edwards Ave., Unit B The Pas 
Walmart  300 Mystery Lake Rd. Thompson
Walmart  200  200 PTH 10A Flin Flon
Prairie Mountain Health
Retailer Address City
Boundary Co-op  564 Cherry St. Boissevain 
Boundary Co-op  107 Railway Ave. Deloraine 
Boundary Co-op  330 BRd.way Ave. Killarney 
Co-op Food Store 203 Richhill Ave. W.E. Elkhorn
Dauphin Co-op 18 3rd Ave. NE Dauphin 
Glenboro Co-op 120 Broadway St. Glenboro 
Hamiota Co-op 26 Maple Ave. E. Hamiota 
Heritage Co-op  1035 Richmond Ave. Brandon 
Heritage Co-op  38 Main St. Erickson 
Heritage Co-op  120 Main St. S. Minnedosa 
Heritage Co-op  601 1st Ave. Rivers 
Heritage Co-op  114 Railway Ave. E. Sandy Lake 
Homestead Co-op  104 Alexander St. Treherne
IGA  154 Main St. Russell
IGA  608 Central Ave. Ste. Rose
Loblaws 920 Victoria Ave. Brandon
Loblaws 15-1st Ave. N.E. Dauphin
Loblaws 1200 Main St. Swan River 
Neepawa-Gladstone Co-op  30 Main St. E. Neepawa 
Northern Store   Sapotaweyak
Parkway Co-op  464 Main St. Grandview 
Parkway Co-op  112 Highway 5 E. Roblin 
Parkway Co-op  9 Main St. Rossburn 
Safeway  50 - 1450 Main St. Dauphin
Shoppers Drug Mart 18th St., Unit 15A Brandon
Shoppers Drug Mart 139 Victoria E. Brandon
Sobeys 15 - 1570 18 St. Brandon
Swan Valley Co-op  811 Main St. E. Swan River 
Twin Valley Co-op  862 Main St. Birtle 
Twin Valley Co-op  129 South Railway Ave. Miniota 
Valleyview Co-op  117 Main St. Melita 
Valleyview Co-op  76 Railway Ave. Pierson 
Valleyview Co-op  250 Princess St. W. Virden 
Walmart Supercentre 903 18th St. N. (Corral Centre) Brandon
Walmart Supercentre 1450 Main St. S. Dauphin
Southern Health - Santé Sud 
Retailer Address City
Clearview Co-op  155 Principale St. La Broquerie 
Food Store 11 Laramee Dr. Lorette 
Homestead Co-op  61 Main St. N. Carman 
Homestead Co-op  63 Principale St. La Salle 
Homestead Co-op  2275 Saskatchewan Ave. W. Portage la Prairie 
IGA  69 - 2nd St. N.E. Altona
Loblaws 130 PTH 12 Steinbach
Loblaws 175 Cargill Rd. Winkler
Neepawa-Gladstone Co-op  9 Saskatchewan Highway Gladstone 
Pembina Co-op  301 Broadway St. S. Crystal City 
Prairie Roots Co-op  43 Church Ave. Elm Creek
Rexall Altona Mall Altona
Shoppers Drug Mart Saskatchewan Ave. E. Portage La Prairie
Shoppers Drug Mart Main St.  Steinbach
Sobeys Unit 1 - 178, PTH 12 N. Steinbach
Sobeys 2100 Saskatchewan Ave. Portage La Prairie
Sun Valley Co-op  307 Centre Ave. E. Altona
Walmart Supercentre 184 PTH 12 Steinbach
Walmart Supercentre 2348 Sissons Dr. Portage La Prairie
Walmart Supercentre 1000 Navigator Rd. Winkler
Winkler Co-op  945 Thornhill St. Morden 
Winkler Co-op  370 Main St. Winkler 
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority  
Retailer Address City
IGA  1650 Main St. Winnipeg
IGA  650 Elizabeth Rd. Winnipeg
Loblaws 2132 McPhillips St. Winnipeg
Loblaws 1578 Regent Ave. W. Winnipeg
Loblaws 3193 Portage Ave. Winnipeg
Loblaws 80 Bison Dr. Winnipeg
Loblaws 1385 Sargent Ave. Winnipeg
Loblaws 1035 Gateway Rd. Winnipeg
Loblaws 215 St. Anne's Rd. Winnipeg
Loblaws 550 Kenaston Blvd. Winnipeg
Loblaws 740 St. Anne's Rd.  Winnipeg
London Drugs 1225 St. Mary's Rd. Winnipeg
Northern Store   Churchill
Red River Co-op  1120 Grant Ave. (Grant Park Shopping Centre) Winnipeg 
Red River Co-op  755 Sterling Lyon Parkway Winnipeg 
Red River Co-op  77 Vermillion Rd. (Southdale Shopping Centre) Winnipeg 
Red River Co-op  850 Dakota St. Winnipeg 
Red River Co-op  3477 Pembina Highway  Winnipeg 
Rexall 971 Corydon Ave. Winnipeg
Rexall 35 Lakewood Blvd.  Winnipeg
Rexall 963 Henderson Highway Winnipeg
Rexall 3310 Portage Ave. Winnipeg
Rexall 1633 St. Mary's Rd., Unit 33F Winnipeg
Rexall 676 Portage Ave. Winnipeg
Rexall 1795 Henderson Highway Winnipeg
Rexall 333 St. Mary Ave. Winnipeg
Rexall 2271 Pembina Highway Winnipeg
Rexall 633 Lodge Ave. Winnipeg
Rexall 874 Main St. Winnipeg
Rexall 34 Lakewood Blvd. Winnipeg
Rexall 2110 Main St. Winnipeg
Rexall 1490 Plessis Rd., Unit 1 Winnipeg
Safeway  1441 Henderson Highway Winnipeg
Safeway  1612 Ness Ave. Winnipeg
Safeway  594 Mountain Ave. Winnipeg
Safeway  921-18th St. N. Winnipeg
Safeway  498 Mountain Ave. Winnipeg
Safeway  300 Mystery Lake Rd. Winnipeg
Safeway  285 Marion St. Winnipeg
Safeway  655 Osborne St. Winnipeg
Safeway  2155 Pembina Highway Winnipeg
Safeway  850 Keewatin St. Winnipeg
Safeway  2025 Corydon Ave. Winnipeg
Safeway  3393 Portage Ave. Winnipeg
Safeway  3900 Grant Ave. Winnipeg
Safeway  654 Kildare Ave. E. Winnipeg
Safeway  1625 Kenaston Blvd. Winnipeg
Safeway  499 River Ave. Winnipeg
Save-On-Foods #410 - 400 North Town Rd. Winnipeg
Save-On-Foods 1399 McPhillips St. Winnipeg
Save-On-Foods 850 St. James St. Winnipeg
Save-On-Foods 5-1555 Regent Ave. W. Winnipeg
Save-On-Foods 24-1910 Pembina Highway Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Leila Ave., Unit 102 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart 2656 Pembina Highway  Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Main St., Unit C Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Portage Ave. W. Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Osborne St.  Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart 1122 Pembina Highway  Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Dakota St., Unit 1 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Regent Ave. W., Unit 32 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Main St., Unit 2 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Corydon Ave.  Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Marion St. Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Grant Ave., Unit 6000 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Portage Ave., Unit L178 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Portage Place, Unit 125 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Grant Ave., Unit 1A Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Henderson Highway, Unit 50 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Keewatin St. Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Vermillion Rd., Unit 100 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Portage Ave. Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Portage Ave.  Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart McPhillips St.  Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart 710 St. Anne's Rd.  Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart 6670 Roblin Blvd., Unit 14 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart 2211 Pembina Highway  Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Concordia Ave., Unit 100 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Sage Creek Blvd. Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Main St.  Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart North Town Rd., Unit 520 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart Plessis  Rd., Unit 201 Winnipeg
Shoppers Drug Mart McGillivray Blvd.  Winnipeg
Sobeys 3635 Portage Ave. Winnipeg
Sobeys 600 - 50 Sage Creek Blvd. Winnipeg
Sobeys 2850 Pembina Highway Winnipeg
Sobeys 1660 Kenaston Blvd. Winnipeg
Sobeys 1500 Dakota St. Winnipeg
Sobeys 1939 Bishop Grandin Blvd. Winnipeg
Sobeys 3409 Victoria Ave. Winnipeg
Sobeys 2575 Main St. Winnipeg
Sobeys 965 Henderson Highway Winnipeg
Sobeys 1150 Taylor Ave. Winnipeg
Sobeys 50 Kildonan Green Dr. Winnipeg
Sobeys  #7 Reenders Dr. Winnipeg
Walmart Supercentre 1576 Regent Ave. W. (Crossroads Shopping Centre) Winnipeg
Walmart Supercentre 35 Lakewood Blvd. (Southdale Shopping Centre) Winnipeg
Walmart Supercentre 2370 McPhillips St. Winnipeg
Walmart Supercentre 3655 Portage Ave. Winnipeg
Walmart Supercentre 1001 Empress St. Winnipeg
Walmart Supercentre 1665 Kenaston Blvd. Winnipeg
Walmart Supercentre 1000 Taylor Ave. Winnipeg
Walmart Supercentre 1225 St Mary's Rd. Winnipeg



For more information on how to use a rapid test, visit:


Where can I get a PCR test?

Only eligible people can access PCR testing from the following locations or through their primary health care provider. For more information about eligibility,

Location Hours of Operation

Dakota Medical Centre
17-845 Dakota St., Winnipeg

By appointment only.
Book by calling 204-254-2087 or visiting
Monday to Friday, 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Saturday, 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Sunday, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Minor Illness and Injury Clinic
by Red River College Polytechnic
2055 Notre Dame Ave., Winnipeg
Drive-thru only

By appointment only.
Book by visiting:
Monday to Friday, 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Saturday to Sunday, 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

How can I find my results?

Individuals who have had a PCR test for COVID-19 can access all of their previous test results at the Shared Health portal at  Individuals who experience an issue accessing their records can request support at

Rapid test results are not collected by the province or available through the portal.