COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Immunization for Young People

As of November 18, 2021, all Manitobans ages five and older are eligible to be immunized against COVID-19 with the Pfizer vaccine.

The vaccine is safe, effective, and will help prevent people from getting the virus, passing it to others, or experiencing serious outcomes.  The virus is more contagious and affecting younger people more seriously, so it is important to immunize as many people as possible as quickly as possible to slow the spread.

At this time, the vaccine is available at many vaccine clinics, pharmacies and medical clinics throughout the province.  View the interactive map for more information and how to book. 

Questions and Answers

In an effort to ensure younger children are protected from COVID-19, Health Canada has approved the use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children ages five to 11.

You can make an appointment online with an email address and health card number, or by phone at 1-844-626-8222.

Anyone who is eligible can make their own appointment. Parents, caregivers and guardians can also make an appointment on behalf of their child,

People booking online for someone else need to add the individual in their profile settings. You will need to have the individual's first name, last name, birthdate, gender and Personal Health Identification Number (PHIN) from their Manitoba health card. Once the individual is added, please select the individual by clicking on the name at top of the page prior to selecting the location you wish to book. You can also call 1-844-MAN-VACC to make appointments for others.

No. Children can use the same consent form as other people who are getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

Young people aged 16 and 17 can sign their own consent form. To make the visit as easy as possible, it is ideal if young people aged five to 15 can either attend the appointment with a parent, guardian or caregiver or have their parent sign their consent form ahead of time to bring along. However, if a youth age 12-17 attends without a guardian and without a signed consent form, they can go through an informed consent process with a clinical lead to assess their ability to consent on their own and proceed with the vaccine.

A health card is preferred, followed by a government-issued ID. However, any type of identification will work including school identification cards. A vaccine can still be provided even if a person of any age arrives without identification.

You can attend if you are able to do so, but it is not required.

Yes. To increase access to the COVID 19 vaccine, public health teams visited many schools across the province in the fall of 2021 to provide vaccine to youth ages 12 to 17. The COVID-19 vaccine will be available to children ages five to 11 during school clinics and after school clinics beginning in December 2021.

Yes, pediatricians, doctors and pharmacists are providing the COVID-19 vaccine to anyone eligible. Check this interactive map for the location nearest you.

There are about 125,000 young people in Manitoba in this age group.

Visit for more information about Manitoba's vaccine campaign, how to book an appointment, and where immunization clinics are located. If you have questions about the vaccine and if it is right for you, contact your health care provider.