Aquatic Invasive Species

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Watercraft Inspection Program

The annual aquatic invasive species (AIS) watercraft inspection program is underway for 2021. The program operates from late spring through the summer and into the middle of fall. There is no service fee to use this service.

The schedule will be updated on a weekly basis. Updates to the schedule will be posted on the Manitoba government’s social media channels.

Decontamination units are generally available at all stations unless otherwise stated or if something occurs beyond our control.


The AIS Open-water Season checklist is step-by-step resource that can help you comply with the Manitoba government’s AIS Regulation.

Need a decontamination and a station is not available? Click here to find other decontamination options.  

This schedule subject to change with short notice. Please check the schedule as close as possible to your planned travel time.

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